The Root key return to C4 when you save a preset

When I save the a preset, the root key returns to default in C4, why? I need to select the right one for the correct tone, but is impossible…
am I the only one with this problem? :cry:

Hi. I have very similar problem. When I open a preset root key is D2 for instance but when I hit play it goes back to C3. Did you find any solution yet ?

Here on macOS 10.14 with Cubase Pro 10.0.10 it resets to C3. I thought it might just reset to the nearest C, but here it resets to C3. Highly annoying. Makes Padshop Pro unusable right now. :frowning:

• trying to go back to Cubase 9.5.41 makes unfortunately no difference. The version of PadShop installed by Cubase 10 must be the culprit here. I had only Cubase 9.5.41 on this rig without this issue.

Update 2:
• testing this in a completely empty new project, it also resets to C4 on my Mac here.

it happens for me also

i had to uninstall the new padshop and run 8.5 pro installer for the old version where this problem doesn’t exist


The issue is forwared to our developers, so they will take care. The Bug ID is: HALLY-7722



I have the same Cubase Pro 10 root note changing back to c4 bug with Padshop Pro.
Many thanks

Here is a video that I uploaded showing the bug.

In case it isn’t clear, this is also effecting the VST versions in other DAWs.

Ableton Live seems to behave as people are reporting here once you save your project, this is pretty disastrous if you load an old project that used the previous Padshop version and then save over it.

Reaper actually seems to manage to save and reload patches with modified root notes without problems, but it can’t reliably load presets that don’t have a C based root note, or at least not presets that don’t come from Steinberg (e.g. the Simon Stockhausen patch sets). The preset loads, you see the correct root note for a moment and then it resets back to C.

It isn’t clear to me, with such a bad bug in play that can destroy existing projects, why this update for the VST plugins hasn’t been pulled from the support downloads page.

I have the same problem in FL Studio 20.1.2.

if you haven’t already you need to download the update it fixed this issue