The Roswell Plug (made with 7.0.6)

The Roswell Plug
Just dance music type.

oh yeah, some feedback would be nice :slight_smile:

well place it in the right section and you might get feedback

can someone move this to the right section? I am not sure where “that” is.

Based on the new forum structure, I think this is the right place… :confused:

Yes, I think this is the right place. I thought you were promoting a new vst plug in with the song title. Nice mix and elements ,sounds like it could be pulled together to be more cohesive.

Wish Steiny would add a music listening section with sub categories for electronic , urban, jazz and traditional rock. A song like this deserves more listens based on its potential and after a while like minded people might flock to specific sections. As the forum has been ,styles apart from traditional rock generally get short shrift from those who hate popular - non rock music or hold commercial music in contempt.

Now that the “location horse” has been beaten dead - I hope I am safe to reply to the original topic of the posted performance :laughing:

While this genre is not very much down my street, I think this is a great performance. Very clean, nice effects with great stereo swipes (panning automation I guess?). And the visual to go with it worked out prefect. I wonder what inspired the title? :laughing:

Cheers, Roland

Yeah it’s an interesting song. Not your typical mainstream and I like it.
My only nit would be some of the transitions are a bit sudden, they could be a bit more natural. This is mainly the case at the start of the song.

Actually, I was going to post timestamps where I thought the transitions were a bit unnatural, but on second listen it’s actually not so bad :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice track, wouldn’t mind if it was a bit longer!

LOL! it’s not that kinda plug lol! alien abductions can be unusual LOL! Just a reference to the Roswell incident…

Yes I agree, it needs more materiel, it’s just so hard to write music these days :slight_smile: