The rumored bug fix update

The ides of Jan are come… and gone. Dare we hope for that bug-fix dot release soon? I miss using key commands.

(A 2.0 release would also be acceptable.)

John Barron made this statement quite precisely in the last Discover Dorico — I cannot watch it again because I lack internet connection : the update could hopefully happen BEFORE the next Discover Dorico session, which will happen in more or less twenty days… Hope this helps !

We have a couple of remaining issues concerning percussion to sort out, I’m afraid, but it won’t be too much longer.


Thanks Daniel!

Typical that the drummers would slow everything down.

Thaaaaaaank yoooooooou. You addressed my two biggest gripes. (No selection playback, and the forgetting-custom-key-commands bug.)

(Even though we’re now on V2.0 vigil, I suggest 1.2.11: Just Like 1.2.10 Except It Also Plays Trills.)