the sample editor

hi all,

I’ve searched high and low but have been unable to work out how to get both channels to come up in the sample editor at the same time - i’ve recorded my piano using two mic’s but can only edit one at a time! :confused:
any ideas?
many thanks in advance,

How are you recording it? Two mono tracks? You should be able to set that up in VSTconnections as a stereo input and then record it to a stereo file. Sounds like what you’re aiming at.

hi tacman,
my VST connections are left and right stereo in and left and right stereo out - as I can only click on one audio track at a time to open up the sample editor I assumed there would be something in the drop down menu to add another track but I can’t find it?

My thinking is you need a stereo file.

You can delete bus’s in VSTconnections and make new ones. You just can’t use things more than once. At least that’s the way it used to be.