The Score Editor updates

Please Steinberg, again, may we have a clear statement about the Score Editor future improvements?

I know Dorico is on its way but the day it will probably be integrated into Cubase is far away.

I’ve just paid 200€ to update to version 9 from Cubase 8.0, hoping for the tiniest change in the Score Editor or Expression Maps, but there is still NOTHING… and this has been the case for more than 2 years !

Has the Score Editor team been in vacation since that time ? are they fired ? What’s going on ?

There is so much to improve just for the Expression Maps “draft” setup interface, not to mention its core operation, all the necessary Score Editor’s bug fixing and improvements.

Your updates are extremely poor in regard to MIDI since 2 years.

Please let us know if you still consider these areas when improving Cubase.
I’m really asking myself the question.


Just seen one of the new videos for C9 - so Score Editor has not totally been ignored… :slight_smile: see this from around 6:45

This is my take on this matter after following first VST score, then Daniel Spreadbury’s (development manager) on this matter.

VST Score (1993) has not really changed a lot since its inception, it is quite powerful, there were some GUI tweaks, but mostly it has been ignored. Everyone went to use Sibelius, etc.

When it was decided that Sibelius was no longer being developed, Steinberg poached the development team en mass (mostly I suppose) to Steinberg. They were given the task of developing a Steinberg Score package.
These guys were score orientated and I guess did not really understand the how about integrating score into Cubase they came from a Sibelius Mindset - classically orientated. Somewhere, sometime, the decision was made to first focus on developing the engraving side - the gui basically.
All the talk on the blog was about how and where to place appogiaturas, etc, and the minor intricacies of developing a comprehesively capable printout/visual editing display.
This has been achieved more or less with Dorico 1.0, with no focus at all on Cubase Score - this development is abandonded (I guess).
There have been assurances about integrating Dorico in the future, but at the moment the team are concentrating on fixing bugs and getting the basic app working how they planned it. Dorico 1.01 has only recently come out. Everything is both a bit premature, and very exprensive - for financial reasons, but it is out.
The only development I have seen (and I don’t yet own Dorico) is integration of expression maps. Maps look much slicker in Dorico than they do in Cubase

My guess is that we shall have to wait for a major update for Dorico - Dorico 2, before full integration. From my reading of the discussions, inegration has been largely off the agenda until perhaps now, all they wanted was a functioning package.
It still seems a while away - from my guessing


Waiting is fine, if it’s done right in the end.
Patience, Grasshopper… :slight_smile:


I think they should remove the score editor and replace it with a limited time deep discount for registered Cubase owners to get Dorico. Before they do that, they have to add Rewire to Dorico, also there ought to be a junior version of Dorico like there is for Cubase, Sibelius and Finale. My impression is that Spreadbury doesn’t really care about Cubase owners so this could take literally years IMHO. What Spreadbury said about the Cubase scoring feature was tactful but we all know it sucks.

Just my 2 cents.

I dont think you should remove it even if Dorico arrives - what about old projects?

For what it’s worth, I believe Score Editor is one the most unneeded features of Cubase. That’s why I would prefer to have List Editor instead of Score Editor in Cubase Elements, then Cubase Elements could have some sense unlike its current state.

Oh miracle! I saw the Score Editor in a recent video from Steinberg! :astonished: :smiley:

Thanks for the link.

Nice addition indeed.
Watch from 8:00 >

Not sure about that, that’s why I keep asking for some more info. Still waiting for a clear answer.

The best answer would have been any significant new feature or even bug fixing over the last few years, but there’s virtually nothing. Excepted this new keyboard input.

Regarding Dorico, of course they started with a standalone program as it would have had no chance to become a standard if it was only a part of Cubase at its launch.

Nice input :wink:

Yes it appears I am wrong there have been some minor improvements to C score

The Dorico team isn’t even in the same country. Cubase is not their baby and they don’t care about Cubase. Don’t hold your breath.

I have heard Daniel Spreadbury talk many times of intentions to integrate with Cubse

As Zero said, there have been lots of discussions about that with Daniel. Dorico will be of course integrated into Cubase, it’s their goal. It’s not a priority right now, but it’s only a matter of time. Don’t be so pessimistic.

That’s why I didn’t buy it yet. Because, for me, Cubase Score is currently superior to any other (standalone or not) scoring program.

Why ?
One word: Playback

I’m precisely holding my breath to see how Dorico will work inside Cubase.

And, even if the team is not in the same place, they work seamlessly with Steinberg teams in Hamburg. That’s how they implemented parts of the Cubase audio engine into Dorico.

What will I do then ? It’s my main use of Cubase !

Now I’m speechless ! :confused:

Using such powerful thing as Cubase just (or almost just) for scoring looks like overkill. Some special score-oriented software should probably serve much better. A habit should not be confused with necessity. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong!
I don’t use Cubase just to print scores! I use, Score (and thus MIDI), audio, and also video. (scoring to film)
That’s why I said playback is important to me.
I precisely need the power of Cubase audio engine.

And don’t forget that MIDI is 50% (probably even more!) of Cubase.

From my point of view, you guys don’t use all the power of Cubase. :wink:

The Score Editor does get new features, at about the same rate as it has for 30 years. Slowly. New for Cubase 9 are Computer Keyboard Entry improvements (see Prefs>Scores>Editing).

The beauty of the Score editor is the tight integration with selections between the key and score editors, and that they share the midi inspector and Logical Editor. If you have never used these functions together regularly in your work, you’ve never had a chance to see how how nice it all is, especially in terms of playback.

Cubase serves a wide variety of users with different needs and varying skill sets, and accommodates idiosyncratic workflow styles extremely well.

Dorico is a totally different animal, and its focus is on sheet music engraving, and is or will be used by publishers like Alfred, Mel Bay, Carl Fischer Music, Boosey & Hawkes, etc. Some music engravers do not even use playback. Personally, I have Dorico and have used it and I’m hoping they bring Cubase-like (L.E. for example) features to Dorico rather than the other way around.

That said, this thread contains errors about what was said about Cubase integration. There were no promises of that happening, no assurances, nada. What they said is they hope to integrate certain technologies at some later date. They have repeated it over and over, but people simply choose what they want to hear. And, some statements made in this thread are emblematic of a type of forum contributor who assumes that their own working style and perceptions, simply by virtue of being are shared by many others.

Zero, you misconstrued the history of how the ex-sibelius team moved to Steinberg- they were laid off, and SB hired them, not poached.

Minimalist: That might be your 2 cents, but it’s rude, and your ‘impression’ about SB staff is unfounded. This is basically trolling, in that you are calling out a staff member by name an inaccurate statement. Please keep that in mind in your future posts.

This thread is mainly speculation, with little basis in fact, so I’ll move it to the lounge. (Sorry Maestro)


This thread is not about Dorico and its development.

The original post was intended to get Steinberg’s attention about Score Editor for Cubase 9 and above in order to get any indication about hypothetical upcoming updates in this regard.

This is not the first time I ask the question, you know it, and every time I naively hope to get a reaction.
But honestly, knowing their habits in terms of communication, you and I know that chances are close to 0. :wink:
Besides, moving the thread to the lounge makes these chances even negative !

With all due respect I think this thread does not belong here.
The ones I expected to be moved were the jokes such as those with funny poll, “moan zone…” etc.

Anyway, forget it. My post was an introduction to the structured feature requests I plan to do and I needed to know if it would be waste of time.

Best regards.

True. and btw, I moved the thread because of the course it took, not due to your OP.

I know. Maybe remove deviated posts, keeping only your excellent input and mine, and put it back. :smiley:
(kidding… but who knows?)

I accept this correction. I am just a user and don’t really know what happened.

I am very glad that this team is now with Steinberg and I hope that there will be full integration with Cubase at some stage, probably not first priority. The integration with the other editors is a very strong feature of score in Cubase. I first bought Cubase when it was Cubase VST Score, I hope to buy it when it is Cubase Dorico score!