The screen flickers when you click on play

The screen flickers when you click on play in cubase 11.5. There is no flicker when watching videos and in other programs. The Benq 3501R monitor . nvidia graphics card gtx 1080 driver 516.59. cable display port 1.4

Hi, you have to disable HiDPI.

HiDPI turned on/off, flickers when playing in both modes

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Best would be to post a video showing the issue.

Hi, have you solved it? I met with the same problem XD.

the problem is not solved

I tried updating, turning on/off HiDPI mode, getting Win 11 system optimization advice from the cubase official website… None of them works. Eveything on my PC works well without flickers, expite Cubase 12. Annoyed.

Do you have G-Sync enabled?