The scrolling staff editor observation

happy new year to everybody

I decided to disable my Nividia GTX Geo force 1660 super graphics card and use the onboard Intel 750 with my Dell XPS8940 computer for Cubase 13 Pro.
I did notice that the playback cursor of the score editor was a bit smoother, not perfect but the moving cursor while playing back the project did not disappear at times.

I did make sure that the drivers for the Intel 750 GPU had the latest version by going to the Intel site. I am using Windows 11 and I have no CPU demanding issues or latencies. Maybe the score editor doesn’t rely on your graphics card. I welcome any comments and suggestions to determine if this is an ongoing problem that was not there in Cubase 12 Pro

** prior to this I took all of Martin J’s suggestions in adjusting the Nvidia 1660 super GPU and still had the same problems with the score editor cursor not moving smoothly and seeing cursor drop outs.

Alan Russell

Dell XPS 8940. i7 13th generation 64 gigs ram
14tb secondary Dr., Western Digital gold enterprise version. C: drive. 2tb. NVME T500 Gen4