The selected page size in Print Mode mismatches the Layout Size

It appears that whenever I go to Print Mode, the “default” page size selected differs than that specified in the Layout options.

I had printed a shrunken / cropped version one too many times.
Is this issue local to my machine or is this something more wide spread?

If you’re looking at “printing”, what is the maximum paper size available for the selected printer? If your layout is set to 12"x9" for example, but you’re connected to a printer that can only handle up to A4, then A4 will be selected I believe.

If you’re looking at “exporting graphics”, then the page dimensions set in Layout Options should always be used in the resulting file exported when you use the panel on the right.

My printer prints 12"x9" (up to 13X19 actually), but Dorico print Mode always defaults to letter size regardless of this fact.

Does changing the default paper size (in Preferences>General) change that for new projects?

Yes, but I guess I’m expecting a different behavior.
Why does the “default paper size” take precedence over the actual paper size specified in the layout options?

If my page is 12X9 in the layout options, most likely, I’d like to print it on 12X9 sheets. Does that make sense?