The send seems to be mono, even if it is to a stereo FX track.

I am sending a 12 track drum set is auxiliary track (in cubase, it is called FX track) for the parallel comp purpose. I find the panning does not effects on the sends, no matter it is pre-fader send or post-fader send.

In the parallel comp method, for the audios feed in to the Comp Bus, the balance is not the same as the Drum Dry Bus, and panning is the same as the Drum Dry Bus.

Have you notice it?

The sends have their own panner available in the channel editor. In preferences you can set if they’re linked to the channel panner by default.

Thank you.

Where in the preferences is this? I’m having trouble finding it…Thanks!

Nevermind, I found it. For everyone else, it’s preferences VST “Activate 'Link Panners” for New Tracks". However this doesn’t change the settings on all your current tracks. Just new ones you create. At least thats the case in 9.5.5.

Good thing to know about. Thanks!

Not sure and can’t test at the moment but if I remember correctly there used to be an option on channel basis to link the send panners to the channel panners, accessed via the channel settings window - also for existing tracks. Some right click action in the upper right.

Sorry for being so unprecise but I have them set indepently forever as this is what I usually prefer and never spend more thoughts about it.

Ah, there it is: