The server update

They have announced that they will update their servers on may 31. So June 1 is very likely a new release.

That will be nice!

Looks like the server upgrade is for download access code distribution not a new release.

The server update is likely ongoing maintenance and feature enhancement. It might also be to do with the upcoming need to launch facilities to move existing licences of some products (Cubase LE, Cubase AI, WaveLab 11, Groove Agent 5 plus, presumably, extensions) to Steinberg Licensing without a paid update.

It seems unlikely that anything in this maintenance impedes the release of maintenance releases for existing products that do not involve a change of licensing. What does matter is that the maintenance releases are tested, rather than rushed - an update that makes stability worse or breaks functionality helps nobody.


That is it in a nutshell. I’d rather wait a month or two for a good solution than a rushed one causing other issues.

By the way , I’m not saying there could not be a new release next week.I’m just saying that the update to the server probably has no bearing on it what-so-ever.

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My thought was a new server to implement an entirely new streamlined way to get c12.

Maybe with 12.0.30, maybe not.

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There is announcement but it only mentions Download Access Code management which is the code you enter when you buy a product or upgrade. Not sure how that can be extrapolated to a fix for Cubase being released. I guess that’s what hope is for though :slight_smile:

But it could also happen that day.

They usually do a mid term discount so maybe it’s for the rush

HALion 7 release! :grin: