The Shadows Hank Marvin Sound

Hi I am a new user to Cubasis. I have a Fender American Strat
and plug it into a Focusrite Ipad Dock. I use an Ipad Mini A6 Chip 32 Gig.
I have also purchased both effect modules for Cubasis 1.9. I was hoping
one of the Sound Guru’s on this forum could tell me the settings to use for a generic
Shadows Hank Marvin Sound. I realize that each song may be different but I am
hoping someone will have the average sound specs . So far I am very pleased
with Cubasis.
Thank You

Hi Ralvis,

glad to have you with us and that you use Cubasis now! :sunglasses:

Have a look at this little tutorial here:

I could achieve a similar effect with two “Stereo Delay” inserts from our Cubasis FX Pack 1 which you would need to purchase via the SHOP button. This one would let you set the delay time manually and the feedback and mix rate of each FX. So common settings that most versatile delays would let you tweak to your needs and taste. Cubasis would also let you automate the individual settings in your project.

If you are not familiar yet, on how to setup and audio track with an insert effect, our Cubasis user guide will help you:

If you have any more question, please let me know!


Thanks Ricardo


you are welcome… let me know your results. :wink: