"The Shirt"

:laughing: One eckerfay of a job, being your shirt is. :mrgreen:

It’s perfect as is, Dave. Don’t dare change a thing, you don’t owe that shirt any more. :sunglasses:

Thanks fellahs! :smiley:

It’s got 5 votes so far. Somebody thinks it needs work. Wish he / she had left a comment. I’m off to bed. I cooked some pasta with bacon in a tomato and red wine sauce earlier and I think I overdid the wine. I thought the alcohol content evaporated in the cooking coz it boils less that 100 degrees C. Or maybe it’s the bottle was sitting on the side which looks suspiciously vacant - as in empty. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, it’s Saturday night and I’m off the streets. Got to be good.

'night :wink:

Enjoyed the poll and the song. :wink:

Great playing Dave!

You equal my own record for posting a song long-of-tooth:
Place In The Sun (1972).


Definitely one for the CD. :smiley: Liked your playing and I liked the story.


Thanks Jet - at least yours has got a nice title! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the voting! :sunglasses: 21 votes so far. Fantastic - first time I’ve done a poll and hoped it wouldn’t fall flat. Nobody has voted for it to be ditched - yet. 4 think it needs more work. Any you guys vote that way and want to let on what I should fix?


That was …what word can I use?..erm…Brilliant!! :smiley:

Amazing guitar playing, Dave!
Kinda like Mashedmitten says, dont change a damn thing! :wink:

I voted yes some days ago now, but forgot to comment on your song at the time :blush:

Those 4 that voted ‘it still needs work’… I think they are just pulling ya shirt! :wink:


Thanks Sav!

Sorry to be late coming back but my “permissions” during the week only allow me uncertain and sporadic interventions on the internet.

As for changing things: I will redo this when my UAD laptop solo express card is purchased and plugins licensed. All this was done with native EQ and a tiddly bit of compression on the vox. With my own auditioning on mp3 players and boomboxes and car stereos it sounds nearly there - but I think the stereo width could do with a little bit of w-i-d-e-n-i-n-g.

The Shirt is an important song for me - if not for its currency, then for its history.

Thanks again guys! The voting was a gas and your participation deserving of beers. :smiley:

Hi Dave

I voted yes. It’s great. However I was tempted to vote ‘nearly there’ because if I was going to be extremely fussy, as I often am, :wink: :astonished: :laughing: I was wondering if you could get a tad more clarity in the vocals. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave!

Thanks particularly for the suggestion. I haven’t listened to every syllable and nuance yet but I’ve no doubt you’re right. Does it need sung again, d’ya think, or is this an dynamics or eq thing?


Hi Dave

I was thinking it’s more of a mix issue (eq?).


Phew! Thanks Dave. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to sing the damn’ thing again! :smiley:

Edit: by the way - I see our avatars are - viz a viz the booze - soulmates. :wink:

Can you sing with a different accent? That might help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I love the Scotts accent. Gotta be one of the best story-telling accents around. :slight_smile:

Very Nice, sure would like to see it live at the pub

I recently quite by accident discovered that the most famous Scottish accent in the world - that of Sean Connery - is simply achieved by clenching one’s teeth tightly together when speaking. Every “s” becomes a “sshh”. Quite remarkable. I found this out at the dentist. Try it.

Thank you ocarus. Indeed, in its pomp, the pub and other watering holes is where it cut its teeth!

I see that was your first post - welcome! Got a song to share? :sunglasses:

As a matter of interest folks - as far as the voting went 29 voted for it to be on the CD. 5 thought it needed work. I’ll presume that’d be a change of accent or EQ. Or both. :smiley:

Thanks for taking part. Another soon (yeh, I know: :unamused: self-regarding b’tard)

Mister Keir I love your music :smiley:

Thanks again ocarus. How are you finding your Godin? Never played one and I’m interested - being a Martin sort of guy myself.


Sure, I’ve been meaning to try a dentist out for quite sometime now.


Yeah, so do I!

Please, don`t!

Good on ya, Dave!

Love it! Defintely a keeper.
Great playing and melody.


Thanks Wim! It’s both interesting and reassuring that an old fingerstyle song from 1972 can cut it in this esteemed company! :sunglasses: