The Shoot is Stronger Than the Stone

The Shoot is Stronger Than the Stone | Slow Robot (

newest tune–hope you like. :slight_smile:


This is a cool piece. It’s well written, well played and sung, and well recorded. Everything sat nicely in your mix. I liked it.
I don’t listen to much current rock stuff, so I can’t say how it matches up against any of it, but it reminded me a bit of The Milk and Honey Band who’d been signed to Andy Partridge’s label (from XTC). Perhaps something too from the Posies or Syd Arthur. Those are all positive comparisons in my book, so, nice work!

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Caught my attention. Seems to be about indoor gardening from the plant’s point of view. Which is pretty cool, especially since it is such a well crafted song and very well recorded. Thanks for posting this.

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thank you both for the kind words! really appreciate it, and glad you enjoyed! :smiley: