The simultaneous usage of Dorico 3.5 Pro and Dorico 3 Pro under the same OS on the same machine

Dear users and developers,

Is it not allowed to use Dorico 3 Pro and Dorico 3.5 Pro at the same time under the same OS on the same machine?

I want to work across the project.
When playing, all the Dorico windows show the currently playing position of the score. It is nervous about working, referring to other pages.
However, both of Dorico applications hang when using audio from one instance.

Thanks in advance!

Dorico can’t automatically switch the audio engine between two different versions of Dorico. You’ll need to close 3.0 before you run 3.5, and close 3.5 before you run 3, or the audio engine is likely to hang.

Thank you very much!

I resolved it by using Dorico 3.5 SE on a virtual machine.

It would be really beloved if the windows of Dorico have a button for un/following the current position when playing!

deselect “Follow playhead during playback”

Ah, I know it already. It is a global option which affects all windows.

It is currently the best way for me. Thank you for revoking it!

I can see why you would want to continue one project in Dorico 3 until it is finished, but can’t see why you’d want to use BOTH apps at the same time?

I think I’m right that if you add features from Dorico 3.5, then you’ll get error messages (unknown data) when you open it in v3, and saving there will remove the features it doesn’t know about.

I only want to one of followings:

  • see various places of a project
  • or see various projects simultaneously

When playing, Dorico moves the place of score according to the playhead in all windows or none of the windows.
What I want to have is each window has a “link button” or a “following the current playing position button”.

I resolved this proble by unchecking “Follow playhead during playback”.

Using different version of Dorico was only to open two projects simultaneously, and it was a very bad idea.