The Soldier's Hornpipe - Symphonic March

Hi folks,

My first composition using Cubase 10 Pro. Worked on this orchestral composition over the course of this week. I found the final result had a very Colonial war era vibe, hence the name. I would love some feedback, if folks are so inclined:

Libraries used: Albion ONE, 8Dio Anthology Strings, Hollywood Brass, VSL Woodwinds, NI Symphony Series Percussion, and Era II…

Thanks for listening!


Wow! Pretty amazing that you got those sounds electronically. Really sounded like an orchestra. Nice stuff. Note clear if you composed the piece too, or if it was traditional. If it’s your composition, that too was nicely done.

Thanks! Appreciate the comments. It’s my own composition, I was fiddling around with a spiccato string patch when I came up with it.