The Solomon Algorithm

Hi guys, long time no see, I just finished something new, it’s called “The Solomon Algorithm” have a look and let me know what you guys think?


really cool effect, gave it a rubbery kind of slant to the comp, ya neat stuff

I thought it was a cool effect too, although I think using it throughout the song seemed to wear it out. Almost hard to hear the music through it.

Thanks for listening and commenting guys…

Yeah, I agree, the composition underneath is unfortunately compromised I think by what I feel is an over use of this effect. Personally I’d prefer to hear this FX introduced more as a ‘feature’ moment rather than using it across almost entire track. I’m sure there’s some good stuff to be heard but aural fatigue gets in the way I’m afraid… :confused:

Nice writing and arrangement. Alas, I have to agree the effect is a bit off-putting, however. I think there’s a really good composition under there :sunglasses:

Thanks for listening, hummm, I might do a version 2 for variation sake.


Nice composition looking forward to hearing Alternate mix