The song durations in a Setlist are all the same

Hi team,

I can’t tell you precisely from which version of the software this issue is occurring (it’s been a while since I accessed the Setlists and I also tried with Pre-Release 1.3.18 and got the same issue), but now in my two projects in progress when the Setlists window is opened, all the songs appear to have the exact same duration! :open_mouth:

Here is a screenshot taken from one of the two projects:

Do you have any ideas on the cause of this issue?

… can you give us access to your project file (*.vlprj)? You can drop it here or send it me as PM or mail.

Thank you,

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Hi @Spork,

I sent you in PM the file vlprj as requested.

I hope it is possible to solve the problem quite simply. :slight_smile:

Hi @Spork

did you then receive and have the opportunity to analyze my project file?

Do you have any news on the topic?

Thank you.

Fixed with the next version. It would always take the actual Song End Marker instead of the one stored with the Song, sorry.

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Great news, thanks @musicullum! :blush: