The song I recorded at Hyde Street Studios

This is (yet) another version of “What Are You doing the Rest of Your Life.” I recorded this at iconic Hyde Street studios in San Francisco over the holidays for my girlfriend. It’s me singing (badly) over piano, which was a white Yamaha C3. The engineer was a young feller named Nathan Winters.

On the piano: 2 Neumann KM84’s spaced and placed right behind the headboard. The piano has a muted quality because I am a big fan of una corda (heavy use of the soft pedal)

On my vocal: Sanken CU41

Both piano and voice were recorded thru Studio A’s Neve 8048 board – a vintage behemoth. The audio was recorded to Pro Tools. The reverb is the studio’s EMT plate reverb (I forget the model but it was definitely vintage). No EQ or compression was used; we did a bit of intonation correction.

Sounds fabulous Doug, I’m sure Michelle loves it too :sunglasses:
Best for 2012.

Nice! Very well played Doug, piano sounds great. :slight_smile: There’s no substitute for the real thing eh? Yeah…a few pitch issues on the vocal, but generally they make it sound real, though it would be good if you had the opportunity to fix ‘dawn’ at 1:18.

Mix sounds lovely and warm. :sunglasses:

Thanks for listening! I have the raw tracks so I might try to improve some
of the pitch issues. But it will mean I’ll lose that wonderful plate reverb

Very nice recording, wish I could get that sound from anything I record :slight_smile:

nice mix and a nice composition as well…

Wonderful! There’s nothing like a real grand piano. :sunglasses:

Sounds lovely Doug. :sunglasses: It’s a shame you couldn’t go back and punch in on one or two vocal spots.

Who says I didn’t? :laughing:

Fortunately I have the raw tracks so I might fiddle with them someday…


I enjoyed listening to this. Nice work, Doug.

I suspect I’m coming in late and so listening to a tweaked mix? :confused:

Vocals are mostly right with intonation. Minor flitters, who cares?

Piano sounds warm and rich, but the vocal brighter and different, not quite
sitting with the music–above it, louder and in another place.

Still, if this is one take, hats off Doug. I couldn’t do it if ya paid me.

Thanks for checking it out Jet

Actually, it took four takes – two passes on the piano, and two on vocals. It was amazing how much the second takes improved on the first, mostly due to nerves

Regarding the contrast between vocal and piano – I’ve thought about that. I think I over-used the soft pedal. The piano could probably use a bit of reverb, too. I’ve also thought the vocal was too loud. This is how my engineer mixed it, so I went with it :laughing:

Well, there ya go. :wink:

I’d better elaborate. “Well, there ya go” is Australian parlance for “I get it/I dig it/I understand/ I accept it”.

She says she liked it, and she accepted my proposal… :astonished:

Way to go, Doug!!! Congrats!!! :smiley:

total respect, very tasteful solo with melody up an octave (well done) creates a great way to make everyone stop and listen like a orator speaking softly to draw his listener in (just killer). Just a couple of the pitch issues and maybe a little more air in vocal and a roll off around 60hz and scoop around 250hz (that is all a ‘maybe’ just a maybe but play with it)
This is the real deal love what ur doing here!!!

Thanks gents

Kenny – I did do a bit of EQ on the lo and lo-mids, but I agree it might need a bit more – thanks for the listen