the space between two staves gets bigger in edit mode

When you create a piano double stave and start adding dynamics etc to the notes suddenly Cubase will widen de space between two staves and this cannot be corrected manually in the edit mode. In the page mode you can move staves but not in the edit mode, at least i could not find it in the manual or on the internet. The weird thing is that it does not continue all the way but after a few bars it jumps back to normal. The anomaly could be 8 bars long or shorter, there is no rule to it.

For me it is very annoying because I like to have in 1 screen the score in edit mode at the bottom and the main window above but when the edit mode gets so wide some staves are not viewable for 8 bars in the narrow score window.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to behave like this? In the attachment you can see an example. In other songs I have the same problem.
Clipboard01 cubase.jpg

Double-check that the dynamics have indeed been applied to the intended staff… select a dynamic event, and check which staff becomes highlighted (I notice that the first four "f"s seem to belong to the bass clef staff, while the 5th one belongs to the upper staff.). Likewise, check all those slurs symbols.

This occurs to me also every now and then, even with all attributes assigned to the intended neighboaring staff. Sometimes it works to use the update command and sometimes the automatic format command (in the drop down from the menu bar), and sometimes it disappears after a few changes between page and edit mode, and finally it can also disappear by itself, without a clear, intended, action.

Indeed annoying,


@ vic_france. merci beaucoup for pointing out that the dynamics were not rightly attributed. I never realised this. I am now making the corrections… Indeed. Cubase did a redraw itself and now all the staves are correct again.
Thanks for the help. Too bad these things are not in the manual or on a tips & tricks page. Idea for Steinberg!

Happy holidays and hope 2012 will be a very musical year