The Steinberg forum has lost it's mojo

I’m all for new things when they work. The delivery of this ‘forum’ is far removed from the basic intent of a forum. A forum is meant to engage ppl, easily, and help them exchange ideas that are pertinent to their concerns. A learning ground, a meeting place. This forum is not that, although it used to be that.

Instead it is disorganized to the point that a cohesive conversation is more work than it is worth. These days a Steinberg software (or physical product user) seeking help is better served by visiting YouTube or contacting customer service (if they respond in a timely manner). Is this what Steinberg wants?

There’s a great line in a movie where the heroine of the story delivers the start of her valedictorian speech with the line, “I’ve glimpsed our future, and all I can say is go back!” Good advice for the creators of this new forum.


hi mr.roos

A forum is only as good as the users that frequent it - nobody is saying you can’t visit here to whinge, whine, complain or otherwise be negative but seems to me to be a waste of time and energy as ‘there is no going back’.

You probably don’t care but I’ve been on the on the Steinberg forums since the original alt.steinberg.cubase newsgroup days - via and the last forum, so I’ve seen it all before. This is the best incarnation yet.

Why not take some time to learn the forum software, post with the correct tags (!) and contribute something positive. Take it upon yourself to change what you don’t like - don’t rely on others.