The Steinberg forums are moving to Discourse on 3 December

In case you don’t habitually check the News and Announcements forum, you will hopefully be interested to know that we will shortly be migrating the Steinberg forums to a new platform called Discourse.

Please read the announcement here, and if you have any questions, please ask them in this thread.

Update 2020-11-25: As things stand, we are now planning to move over to our new Discourse-based forum on 3 December.

Update 2020-12-01: We expect the current forums to be made read-only on the morning (UK/German time) of Wednesday 2 December. The new forum should then become available some time on Thursday 3 December as planned.


Oh my god, I read “Discourse” as “Discord” and nearly melted down. Discord is more of a hang out, used heavily in software support and gaming.

OK discourse is a 21st century BBS it seems, looks good so far. This BBS is a PITA with no inline hosted images.

I tried the demo

  • Better interface, you get a popup for posts rather than everything being page navigation
  • Uploaded pictures are inline! This is huge, big problem for us here in Dorico land
  • Can’t upload mp3’'s unfortunately
  • Dark Mode!

Yeah good call, looks great.

I don’t like the “civilized discussion” part. Does this mean we can no longer argue and tell bad words???

(Nice move!)

I hope the experience is better than I had this morning in synchronising my MySteinberg and email accounts, as advised in the document quoted above!

Seriously, I participate in another Discourse forum and it works well, though the email option might be a bit too much, given the amount of posting here.


[Off Topic] David, just read your article on Ripping CD’s, fascinating - very readable too.

Just to add something here: we had initially hoped that the move to Discourse might happen at the beginning of next week, but in order to give ourselves some more time to iron out some wrinkles in the migration of existing data, we’re going to wait a few more weeks before we do the switch-over. We’ll announce the date when we have it firmed up.

It took me so long to find my way around here and now this! :wink:

I for one welcome this change! I’ve always hated Steinberg forums, well done team!

Once you become familiar with the way Discourse works, it’s really a very sophisticated, flexible and easy to use environment.

Good luck!

Not a bad move. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the UI experience of Discourse (comparing to Flarum), but there must be some reason not to use PHP in the new forum server (from Steinberg’s perspective). In such case, PHP-Only XenForo is not considerable.

Will I be able to see my old posts and answers?

Yes, if you read the frequently asked questions in the announcement post linked in the first post (here), you’ll find the answer to this and other questions you might have.

Thank you

A small update: we are now planning to make the move to Discourse on 1 December, all being well.

One further update: we now expect the new forum to be open on Thursday 3 December. We anticipate there will be a couple of days during which this forum is unavailable in advance of that date, so that all existing user accounts and posts can be migrated over to the new system. Once we know exactly when the current forum will become unavailable, we will let you know.

Thank heaven I have advanced notice to prepare for “forum withdrawal.”
Looking forward to the new format.

I guess bookmarked and subscribed topics are not carried along, or are they? Just in case, I’ve made screenshots of the list.

I’m not sure whether bookmarked topics will be transferred, but I’ll ask.

Thanks Daniel! I really have valuable topics bookmarked there.