The Steinberg forums are moving to Discourse on 3 December

Once you become familiar with the way Discourse works, it’s really a very sophisticated, flexible and easy to use environment.

Good luck!

Not a bad move. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the UI experience of Discourse (comparing to Flarum), but there must be some reason not to use PHP in the new forum server (from Steinberg’s perspective). In such case, PHP-Only XenForo is not considerable.

Will I be able to see my old posts and answers?

Yes, if you read the frequently asked questions in the announcement post linked in the first post (here), you’ll find the answer to this and other questions you might have.

Thank you

A small update: we are now planning to make the move to Discourse on 1 December, all being well.

One further update: we now expect the new forum to be open on Thursday 3 December. We anticipate there will be a couple of days during which this forum is unavailable in advance of that date, so that all existing user accounts and posts can be migrated over to the new system. Once we know exactly when the current forum will become unavailable, we will let you know.

Thank heaven I have advanced notice to prepare for “forum withdrawal.”
Looking forward to the new format.

I guess bookmarked and subscribed topics are not carried along, or are they? Just in case, I’ve made screenshots of the list.

I’m not sure whether bookmarked topics will be transferred, but I’ll ask.

Thanks Daniel! I really have valuable topics bookmarked there.

Given our recent election experience here in the US I am very interested in the “escape chat silos” aspect :slight_smile:

Trying to register to the new forum with my MySteinberg credentials (just tried: they work in MySteinberg), but there is no way to let it accept them.

There are no details. Just a message saying the username, email or password are incorrect.

I can’t nor create a new account, neither log in with the same credentials (in case subscription was automatic, coming from the older forum).

At the same time, I could subscribe via Facebook. It’s fine for me. But I’m still wondering why the other way is not working.


The new forum is not yet available, Paolo. You don’t need to sign up. A new user account will be created for you on the new forum when the new forum opens. You’ll sign in with your MySteinberg account details, and provided your MySteinberg email address is the same as the email address you use for your current forum account, everything will go smoothly.

We expect the forums to be made read-only some time in the morning (UK/German time) on Wednesday 2 December, and the new forum to be available some time on Thursday 3 December.

Will the new forum use the same access link as this one?

You’ll certainly be able to get there from any existing bookmarks, yes, because we will have a thorough system of redirects in place, though you may well want to update your bookmarks once the new forum is live as the URLs will of course be different.

I take part in a few forums that use Discourse, and it’s a much better system than this IMO.

We have hit a slight problem with the migration of the existing data to Discourse, so rather than risk the new forum going live on a Friday (never ship anything on a Friday!) we are going to postpone the move to the other side of the weekend. We now expect the current forums to be made read-only on the morning of Monday 7 December, with the new forum available either later on Monday 7 December or on Tuesday 8 December.