The Stragglers - "Here I Go Again"

Latest working demo of another new old song:

Here I Go Again


Nice, Great instrumental parts and awesome bass!
Not too fond of the vocals, could just be your accent I’m not familiar with. Don’t take that too personal :wink:

Hi Ian,

overall, this is a nicely balanced mix. I listened many times. It got me more with each pass.
However, I think the chorus is a bit understated. There is not a lot (sonically) that
distinguishes it from the verses, so maybe some extra sound or voices might help?

There are several clicks over the first verse. I know you like precision, so as it
plays in the Bandcamp player, they are at 00:16, 00:18, 00:24 and 00:30 secs in.
They sound like file edits.

I think there is a tuning issue at 2:00 with the bridge, where the synth and the bass
are off pitch. Not sure what is going on in there, but something is not right.

Finally, is there a missing kick at 2:50 and again at 2:52? Or is there not a kick
on the ONE in some other places? Something is not right there.

A final observation: the ep break is rather lacklustre?? Not much that is obviously
“solo” going on, so maybe it could be revamped?

As I’ve tended to say in most of my recent reviews, I like the vocal.


Hiya Ian. What Jet says. I’d disagree on the vocal, you’ve been much better of late but this one has a kind of nervousness about it. Looks like a re-take on that I’d say. Needs a fluency to it and then you’re set :sunglasses:

Thanks for the listens and thoughts. :sunglasses:

My mate Shayne will be pleased to hear that! :smiley: His bass lines at times can be rather ‘challenging’ for some and he cops a bit of criticism from time to time as a result

:arrow_right: Jet - thanks for the specifics… Not sure what the clicks are all about - hadn’t noticed to be honest - could be edits. Missing kicks is a definite possibility - one of the annoyances of Jamstix is that it drops notes from time to time. :confused: I’ll investigate that and the other points you made. And yeah… the EP ‘solo’ was a bit lame… I’ll try jazz it up some.

You might be right. What I’ll do is take this one out live first before re-doing though. When it’s been aired a few times live and I am as a consequence more familiar and comfortable with it I’ll probably then retrack. It’s worked with other songs in the past - there’s been a noticeable improvement in overall delivery as a result of singing the songs live a good number of times first and then later re-recording the vocal.


Yeah, had a few more spins. You can disregard my comment about the chorus,
maybe just add extra b/vs (for meat) or turn them up a little, should do the trick?
They work well, just need some added protein! :laughing:

I think there’s one more click at 1:09…? :confused:

Agree with Phil that if this isn’t a comfy ol’ slipper song, then prolly a new
vocal will excel.



Hi Ian,

Another cool Stragglers song with a catchy chorus. :sunglasses:

(I see you’ve posted a few Straggler songs up since i’ve been away, all really good by the way! :wink: )


Actually the ‘clicks’ don’t seem to be edits… I think what you might be hearing is a kinda click cutting through from the bass track actually. I’ll check 1:09 …

Yeah… I think there’s 18 songs up on Bandcamp now, and there’s a couple more in the works. Our goal was 24 songs by the end of the year so we’re certainly on-track. :sunglasses:

Good well arranged song to my ears. The drums sound good to me (even the snare). The one thing I don’t like is the effect on the bass. I think it’s a good mix, and I like the vocal harmonies.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I wondered if someone was gonna mention the bass FX! I thought when I added the phasey FX there’d bound to be someone somewhere that didn’t like it! :smiley:

At least the snare gets a pass. :wink: