The Stragglers - "In The Flood"

Well, its been ages since I posted tunes here so I think I can be forgiven for posting two on the same day… yeah? :wink:
This one was written by my bass man Shayne, originally recorded several years ago but now revisted under The Stragglers banner:

In The Flood

That is a straight up bloody good song…could see it being played in a romcom movie when they’re walking down the street thinking of the lover they’ve just lost or something…that kinda thing you know what I mean !!..Kevin

Well mixed, but not necessarily the strongest Stragglers song… But what do you expect, he’s a bass player! A bit on the simple side, musically. Although Kevin’s right, could imagine it in a movie…


Thanks for the listens and comments guys. It is simple, very simple - essentially three chords, but I am reminded of 3-chords songs that have been HUGE successes - Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ comes to mind. Of course this is not in the same class, but the point being I guess is that ‘complex’ doesn’t necessarily equate to a good song. As it happens I often hear complaints that MY songs are too complex - too many chords! :smiley:

Actually, it was originally written without swing but with some degree of opposition I insisted on it on the original recording (several years ago) and then again with this new version. And as it turns out it getting things my way ended up providing Shayne with an opportunity to explore a bass style outside his usual. :slight_smile:

Three chords and the truth! What more do you need? :slight_smile:

Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ “Straight To Hell” comes to mind when listening to this one. I dig :sunglasses: .