The Stragglers "Last Chance To Dance And Sing"

After the overwhelming and rather MASSIVE success of our first album “rollin’ dice” ( ha ha ha ha! :unamused: ) I’m now pleased to announce that the 2nd CD is well under way and almost near completion. Here’s a new old song:

Last Chance To Dance And Sing

All comments welcome :sunglasses:

Wow…another really good song…it’s official then !!! your just a damn good song righter, if there were any particular production issues they become a bit “moot” when the songs are so good.cheers, Kevin

yup, good concept for the song, lyrics are excellent. very well arranged, the parts all work well together. the mix seems to lack a bit of your usual sparkle, especially on the vocal.
good stuff Ian

Give you credit for being prolific! The songs seem to come out of you quite naturally. This is another good one, and I like the sound of the mix.

@Shadowfax - thanks Kevin for your rather generous comments! :slight_smile:

@bluebob - thanks to for the listen. If you have a moment I’d be interested to know what you might think would help inject a bit of sparkle. I’ve generally approached things pretty much as I have been for the last year or so with my mixes, but of course every song and every mix is different! :slight_smile:

@Early - Thanks! :slight_smile: as for prolific…well as it happens I’m in my least prolific period ever since I started all this music nonsense ten years ago! There was a time when I was churning out something new pretty consistently every week or so. But priorities have shifted I guess, and I’m not writing nearly as much as I once did. And when I do put pen to paper I always feel like I rewriting songs I’ve already written… more or less. :confused: What I really need is some more crises and drama in my life! :laughing:

So really, this current wee spurt of activity is the first in quite a while, though I have of course produced a good number of tunes for several clients during my ‘down time’.


Another good one!

I think the vocals sound pretty good. To my untrained ears I think the slight “muddiness” is between the bass and distorted rhythm guitar? Maybe a tad more “sparkle” on the high end/upper mids of the guitar parts could be in order? I dunno :confused: . Good to here some new tunes from you, Ian!