The Stragglers - Take Me Away

Another one from the archives given a recent ‘Stagglers makeover’. Again built around our live version and again, substantially different to the original recorded back in 2003.

A cheerful song about dying… :smiling_imp: :smiley: :smiling_imp: :smiley:

Take Me Away

good song again ian some nice chords in there, suits yer voice :sunglasses: .good job.

Hi Ian,

I think more than any other Stragglers track this one captures a lot.
It has energy, attitude and edge in spades. It is, in my view, a track
that speaks volumes about your musical journey over the last year
or so, and is proof twice over of what playing live has done in terms of
your confidence, style and sound. It’s also a great song, one of your best.

The mix is your tightest yet for this collection/album, especially the
bottom end.

I found I had only [edit] three small nits. :astonished: The sound effect (no idea what it is)
at 18 seconds in is off the beat and, to me, off-putting/distracting. The helicopter/bull-roarer
sound is a tad loud at times. And the opening acoustic guitar is out of tune.


Yeah, I like this one too… the bass gets pretty busy but it still fits. Drums sound pretty good. I actually didn’t notice ANY nits… except maybe this: these “Stragglers” songs seem to consistently be a bit too short, IMO

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Gosh, thanks Jet! :slight_smile:

I found I had only [edit] three small nits

Wow! Only 3? Things are looking up!
New mix is up… may have sorted some of the issues… I redid the initial guitar (capo’d on 4th). Your ears are obviously sharper than my tuner is! :astonished:

Cheers Doug!

bass gets pretty busy but it still fits

Shayne’s bass is a signature Stragglers sound :slight_smile: It wouldn’t sound like a Stragglers song without it :wink:

…songs seem to consistently be a bit too short, IMO

We don’t think of them so much as being short but more “radio friendly” in length :wink:

2 minutes isn’t really “radio friendly” IMO – people are accustomed to 3 minutes, however. If I were your A&R guy, I’d just say, “Just repeat the 1 st verse and we’re there” or some dumb sh1t like that :laughing:

This one is 2:53 :wink:

Funny, I looked at the clock and it read 2:23 something.

Too much lager. :wink:

I liked the bassline, some nice playin there, especially in the chorus part. mix seems even across the board. acoustic adds a nice strumming texture. good mainstream song and lyrics. that chorus is really good, thats the hook in the song.

Another great Stragglers song, all 2 minutes 53 seconds of it! (I dont drink! :wink: :laughing: )

and a nice kinda ‘beam me up’ effect at the end :smiley:


I liked this Ian but I wasn’t sure about the brush kit. Have you tried a mix with a regular kit? Might add some spice to the song…


No such thing!! :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile:



I wasn’t sure about the brush kit

:confused: :astonished: This one uses the Steve Slate ‘Absolute Rock Kit’

Thanks for the feedback chaps! :sunglasses:

Nice Chords, I agree, like love and rockets, except with your originality.

Take me away…be singing that, good hook. :smiley: