The string selected in 'String property' for the violin family and its indication on the score

Dear users and developers,

Could the selected string in the String property automatically indicate the string number or name on the score for violin family instruments? I put “sul re” manually via the “Play technique” popover in the attached example. However, it would be great if there were an option in the string property to indicate the expression for the string number or name which should be played. The guitar provides this feature, but the violin, viola, violoncello, and contrabass seem to have yet to do. Is it already implemented, and do I need help finding the way? If not, could it be implemented in a future version of Dorico, or i

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but if you’re asking whether there’s a way for Dorico to automatically show e.g. “sul G” in the score when you set the string property, the answer is no.

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I am sorry for my unclear question. I want to let you know that you interpreted my question just as I intended.

Adding manually is no problem. However, it would help compose/notate music with instruction details if you add this feature to a future version of Dorico.

I would be happy if you consider this!