The support service is not working

Why is it written in my personal account that I use Dorico on two computers? I only use on one. And how do I install Dorico on another laptop? I can’t find the download link…
I can download Cubase, but I can’t download Dorico. I also can’t create a support ticket. It writes:" Individual support for you is provided by one of our Steinberg distributors. Please find a list of distributors on this page:"
But there are no distributors on the list. How do I write to the support service?

Where and how did you buy Dorico? Direct from Steinberg, or through a distributor?

Where is the ‘personal account’ – is that MySteinberg? What version of Dorico do you have?

Download the Steinberg download assistant (google will help you)

There you can log in, and download Dorico and the additional components.
Once you installed Dorico, you can open it. The Steinberg activation manager will open and ask you to log in with your Steinberg ID. Once you did that, Dorico will be activated on that second computer.