the surface pro 3 is out

the surface pro 3 is what is the strategy for windows tablet from steinberg products. i think nowaday i just need 3 thing for work 1.pc workstation 2. surface pro for mobile 3. phone with one system. i hope cubase can run on it with touch

I don’t see why Cubase wouldn’t run on a surface pro. If you can work efficiently with it is another story, but I’d like to hear your opinion if you do decide to take the plunge :slight_smile:

i believe the hybird tablet is future trend with the tech development. adobe ps cc already fine tuning and run with it. it proved. i do not wish steinberg lag behind

Microsoft just recently added MIDI support to the Windows Runtime (aka WinRT, Windows Store apps or formerly metro) so that such software would also be able to support touch, for remote controlling MIDI devices, or even something like Cubasis? Also, in the WinRT environment all graphics is hardware accelerated! :slight_smile:

Imho touch screens are okay for a DAW for the mixer, transport buttons and eventually selecting channels, but for most other functions the mouse and keyboard are way more efficient.

  • the surface pro 3 is very expensive for what it’s delivering.

I am not certain, but I believe the “Pro” runs a full version of Windows, not Windows RT, so it “should” have all the functionality of a desktop.

Yes, the pro runs full Windows 8 so it’ll run anything, connectivity permitting. (no firewire/PCIe etc, just USB).

Anyone using Cubase 7.x with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and care to share some experiences with this combination?