The system margin on a specific page is not able to make narrower than on other pages.

Dear users and developers,

In the following picture, the margin between two systems on the second page cannot be narrower:

I arrange it by resizing the “Space size” of some “Frame Break” formats in “Engrave mode”.

I am attaching a zipped dorico project file.
Could anyone inspect the file to find the reason why the second page should have a wider vertical distance than other pages? (855 KB)
Thank you in advance!

The percentage in Layout Options needs to be larger than the vertical fullness percentage of the page for that to happen. All the other pages are 100% full or greater because of the lyrics, in which case Dorico has no option but to cram everything in, but on this page the empty vocal staves make the Layout Option kick into action. Set it to 100% if you want full justification always.

Thank you for your kind explanation!