The template saving problem lives

I’ve got the 6.0.5 update if that makes a difference.

Anyway- when I go to “Save as Template” I get this screen that wants me to create a folder. I do that, but, alas, no template when I get ready to open a new project :astonished:


I feel like it’s something simple I’m not doing


You templates can find in the Project Assistant (which is opened, when you choose File > New) in the More tab.


That’s what I initially thought but theyre not there :frowning:

I mean if I search Windows I can find the folders that I create (ex:“test template”) but theyre empty :confused:

I’m not creating new folder. If you want to Save your own template, just write the name of the template into the New Preset field. That’s it. :wink:

I didn’t see that field. When I opened up Save Template As the screen that came up looked like it stopped at the bottom of the Attributes section. :mrgreen:
I accidentally moved it up when I was going to take a screenshot and saw that more existed.

Got it now

Thanks for the help!


You can switch the Atribute Inspector off. :wink: And you can change the size of window too.