The text in 'Key Commands' is weird.

I’m using Cubase 10.5 Pro.
(10.5.10 Build 120 - Build on Jan 17 2020)

The text in ‘Key Commands’ is weird.
It’s not sure, but after ‘Delete program preferences’ from ‘Safe Mode Dialog’,
the text input is weird, and search doesn’t work.
(Check image.)
What should I do?

Sincere Ryan.


Do I understand you right, you tried the Safe Start Mode and you deleted the preferences…? After this process the text looks like we can see on the screenshot, right?

Hi, Martin.
Yes, it happened after ‘Safe Start Mode’ -> delete the preferences.
And after rebooting computer(windows 10), this became normal.
It could be windows problems.
Sincerely Ryan.


Could you try to reinstall Cubase, please?