The tie endpoint position moves depending on the presence of other voices

tie endpoint changes

The tie’s right endpoint position moves left depending on the presence of the other voices (even if there is no collision between items).

Is there any reason for this behavior? I think this is unfavorable behavior.

tie endpoint changes.dorico (365.3 KB)

For better or worse, Dorico ends up treating those tie situations as chords rather than single notes, which is the intended behaviour, but I can understand that in this kind of situation when the notes are a long way apart it might not always be what you would prefer.

Thanks for the reply.
In my example, the Engraving option for “Tie endpoint positioning in chords” is set to “All between noteheads”.

If Dorico is recognizing these situations as chords, why doesn’t the Tie’s left endpoint also move? Dorico’s behavior for ties in my GIF does not follow “All between noteheads”, and only the right endpoint is moving horizontally to the left.

The ties are avoiding the down-stem notes.

Like this picture below, Dorico seems to recognize the second note of tied notes as a chord. Just like in the GIF I posted, all the right endpoints are moving horizontally to the left.

Isn’t there currently an engraving option to keep the right endpoint position at center of notehead in these situations? I can’t seem to find it.

No option AFIK.

However, if this offends your sensibilities, you can always adjust them individually in Engrave.

Thank you for a reply, @Janus .