The track window...what is the big deal with the mixer

I have just spent some time watching the training videos on the new Cubase 7. What is the big deal with the mixer ?

Tell me if I have missed something somewhere. I have been waiting for improvements to the track window of Cubase.

  1. Being able to show/hide tracks

  2. Able to have the automation lane show ON TOP of the sound file or midi information

  3. Vari Audio only analyzing the part of the track instead of having to wait for the entire audio file before being able to make pitch adjustments

  4. A “NOTES” track to be used sort of like a marker track, in that CHORD SYMBOLS or notes could be manually input at my own discretion

I personally don’t think there was anything wrong with the other mixer. Why all the focus on improvements to a mixer? If we wanted a fancy mixer we could use an external mixer. The work is done in the track window in a DAW. Files are imported and dragged into the window, automation is input, mixing is done there by clicking on the automation lanes…

For so long now I have waited for changes to THIS WINDOW…this is what makes Cubase more cumbersome to use, not the mixer console…and what is the point with needing to search for tracks? The left-right buttons on the mixer to move tracks to the left or right? Why? What’s the point…just link them forever to the track list and let them be in that order.

What have they done to improve having to have tons of plug-in windows open…and then have to be closed…

All these things are slow-downs for workflow. The mixer being the way it was did not slow down workflow.
What effects the workflow is the TRACKS WINDOW. And, opening and closing all those lanes is such a waste of time…why can’t they give us the ability to put the automation ON TOP OF THE WAVEFORM OR MIDI ? I do not understand this one. Isn’t Cubase the only DAW on the market left that forces us to have to open sub-lanes to see the automation?

So, tell me what I have missed? Did I not find the right tutorial that shows me they have added these changes that would REALLY help actual workflow.

Still waiting,


I agree on the automation lanes on top of the audio events, like Logic does. It is sooooo much easier to get a visual, correct and corresponding information.

I must however say that I´m very glad for the new mixer. The track pictures really saves time in a big project. The notepad is a great feature in the mixer. The sizable faders. But most of all that you can choose different set ups on which “family” of faders to show. I spend approx. 1/3 of my time in the mixer window (1/3 in the piano roll and 1/3 in the track window. The mixer is a very important toll to me and I´m very pleased with the upgrade. I do not used and will never use the console (except for a short test period). I have better plugs than the ones in the console.

Hi Sam,
nice point. I’ll make it a bit better: “why did SB team not implement all our suggestions yet?” :wink:



Was at the San Francisco Club Cubase event last night. During the Q&A found out that a new update should come in a couple of weeks. No specifics of course, but it is supposed to include both bug fixes and new features. Apparently some stuff just didn’t make the publishing deadline. Or as the rep put it, “there were a lot of Germans working up to midnight.” I asked if in the future we’d see the the new features introduced in the mixer migrate to the project window. While being non-committal (as they are required for unannounced stuff), I was told that was a reasonable expectation.

Also not all Cubase users are created equal. Steinberg and especially Yamaha/Steinberg have some strong relationships with music industry heavy-weights. The things those guys want gets priority over stuff I might prefer.

FYI at last nights demo, the new mixer got serious praise from the attendees who seemed to feel that improvements in the mixer were more important than the project window.

You think Steinberg has bad implementation procedures? Check this out.

Automation lanes on top of audio events has been requested for years. Keep requesting it. Do you remember how long it took stubborn Steinberg to implement “undo/redo” with the introduction of Cubase SX when every other DAW had it…some for years?

You are very glad for the new mixer, but how is your workflow with it? For me, without mixer key commands. it makes things pretty much worthless. Oh sure, it’s coming in a future update, but I would think this is something that should have been released at the same time as the new mixer.

And the new mixer has introduced many GUI issues and problems that will probably take years to sort out. Here is just one of many threads highlighting problems.

What is funny is that you said you will never use the console window and that you have better ones than Cubase. Stieinberg should have waited a bit more and released a console window that will integrate your favorite plugs just like what is seen currently in their console window. For example if you have Waves SSL, can you imagine opening the console and having Waves SSL compression, EQ, etc instead of Cubase products? This is when I will start using the console often. Until that time, I don’t use it much unless I want a simple gate etc.

this i should think will be a PAY FOR update future feature in cubase 8 ,thats the way steinberg seem to work , you ask for it and then in the next full version they give it to you ,it’s a cunning ploy to keep you upgrading !

sampolfonz makes a good point.

So what about the ‘strip’. Is it a tease? :slight_smile:

It just appeared. The gate, eq, tape saturation plugins seem to be separate from all the other cubase plugins. They should open into a new window.

The presets are written for only a small range of gneres.

Is this a pet project rolled out from the junior desk?

The knobs are too small and fiddly, geting all sqaushed up.

A strange, amateurish addition to a good professional program.

Sorry to sound negative, just puzzling :neutral_face:

At least Cubase is progressing and getting loads of work put into it. Not as much can be said for other DAWs like Logic which is stagnating like a fetid turd. I’m really digging the new mixer and other new features off the beaten path that really make my workflow so much better. I’m OK with putting up with a few bugs in the meantime because it’s still better than using the competition at the end of the day.


hah! nice one.

So I paid for this horrible rack? :blush: They are “considering” this for the future, and based on all the issues with 7 it could be quite a wait. I’m sure improved Loop Mash, better EQ and fancier Groove Agent will take priority.

But ask yourself why Steinberg puts so much focus and energy into doing things that other 3rd parties usually do better? Why don’t they focus on improving work flow? Why don’t they have consistent key commands? And as mentioned many times in the past, why don’t they allow automation on top of audio events? These are all things other 3rd parties can’t achieve.

Why don’t they focus on making a #1 DAW that completely integrates Waves, UAD, or other 3rd parties directly into this currently lousy looking rack that only is readable when not squashed too narrow, and has no key commands? I know the reason. It’s all about future sales to new casual users, however it’s still frustrating because Steinberg seems so close…like they were with 6.5.

I would like the automation on top of events to be an option if you want it, I think this saves screen space, and I would welcome option to have this.

otherwise Cubase is much better for the new mixer, there’s a lot of bread an butter stuff that’s simplified in relation to mixing, and just works. If you want more load a plug in!

Cubase 7 is doing all the right things for me :smiley: best ever


Well I dont agree, I think Cubase 7 is the best and I love the new mixer! There will need to be tweaks here and there for some issues but generally I think they got it spot on

From the original poster…

My intent was not to discredit Cubase in any way. I do, however find issues with the main track page and I think this needs more attention than the mixer. Most of us sitting using this program have no need to take advantage of all of these features now available in this mixer.

Why…why…why will they not allow the automation lane to be on top of the audio file? Every other program in the industry allows the automation to appear this way.

Why do we have to be subjected to so many boxes having to be opened when viewing plug in information? It could be in a consolidated window that changes per whatever track is selected, or “pinned” open by the user if the user chooses to. How many plug in boxes can you look at at one time anyway?

Also, why will not they allow us to show/hide tracks at will? If I am working on three parts, all of my monitor screen should be devoted to those three tracks without having to have the other 18 or so visible. This is a SIMPLE issue.

I’m not asking for anything far out here. Just give us these simple things.

Myself and many others have been requesting this for years. I started using Cubase in 1992. My requests are not unreasonable and every other DAW has its set up this way.

Please…show/hide tracks and automation on top of the audio file…I will be happy.

Lassoo the bits you want, and zoom to selection, this achieves what you want. Set this up as a key command, and set up an undo zoom while you’re at it, I rely on this to ‘see’ exactly what I want to see and then go back to where I was, and its very fast and very intuitive :smiley:

As for automation on top, totally with you on that one, takes up less space, gets my vote, as long as users who prefer it how it is now can choose to stay with it like it is

You can use the Divide Track List function to hide tracks. It’s the little slash above the right hand scroll and zoom bars. Then move the tracks you want to hide to the top view and minimise it by dragging the horizontal divider.