The TRIPLET Sample editor grid nightmare

2 days editing almost 10 songs on drums and bass and some percussion. All fine!!!

Then today… 2 last songs and… with triplets on bass!!! Nightmare begun…

Any news if this will be soon fixed?
The grid dont snap to triplets on the sample/wave editor. Cant warp audio unless it’s visual and not acurate.

And then the producer said “i can do that on ProTools!” %/#/
well I dont have ProTools so I dont know!

Hope this can be fixed soon!


Any news on this?

select triplets in the Quantize menu…it works…I can’t remember if the grid changes, but I think so.

Yes… this works fine for me. I quantize triplet drum fills all the time!

Is this working in the sample editor window? That’s where I cant figure a way to make it work.
No grid here.
No snap to grid here.

If I select the quantize for 1/4 or 1/8 or whatever that is no triplet it works (but doesnt show the grid). Triplet select in the quantize Menu make no change.

If you can say for shure it works for you so I would like you yo post your settings on that as I cant find how to make this work on the SAMPLE window.


UP! Any news about triplets grid?

Sound Restor

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Although you can snap things to a triplet timing, the grid does NOT change and that is most annoying!!! Plenty of times I have to create a midi track with triplet timing, choose “edit in place” and then drag it above the track I’m working on so that I can reference a triplet grid!!!

Hello triplets fans…

Is there going to be a 5.5 version update with the triplet problem solved or not?

This is a huge SHOW STOPPER for me… Thanks.

Sound Restor

That’s interesting as of Pro Tools 12.5 there still is no sample editor so I guess you can do it in Cubase too in the Project/Edit window.