The two-edged sword of visibility management

I love the visibility options, they makes for a much less cluttered project page and mixer. But I’m realizing it can also be a hassle … so many times I can’t figure out why I’m hearing what I think I shouldn’t be, or vice versa, then I find after lots of trouble shooting that some “invisible” track is either muted, or active, when I want it to be the opposite. Easy enough to fix after that*, and I guess I’ll learn to start going there sooner rather than in obscure places to figure these things out.

  • Actually, does anyone else have problems scanning up and down the visibility list on the left to quickly find a particular track? I actually haven’t figured out how the list of tracks is organized there, I guess I should dedicate the 30-60 seconds I imagine it should take to answer that. All I know is that at first glance it looks like it’s organized a certain way to me, but it’s actually not …

Bumping with the hope of some hints and tips for managing this, please …

Last night I spent a year and a day trying to find what track was actually playing that wasn’t visible. Clicking up and down the visibility column … looking to see if there was any activity, one track at a time … it was so frustrating, especially because for some reason I couldn’t find it after the first two go rounds.

Is there some way to “disable invisible tracks”? Or some way to just look in the Visibility column and see if a track there is playing?

Or, failing that, how do you guys not get bothered by this … workflow suggestions welcome!

Thanks much for any help :slight_smile:

Wish I could contribute, but I am stuck on 6.5 until I feel safe with 8.

Yup, I am a wussy! :laughing:

Hi, thank you for that! I feel like a dumkopf, the tool is supposed to help me, and it does, but I think I was close to actually begging my computer monitor for mercy last night if it would just show me where the mystery track was!

I too am going to stay away from CPro8 until it’s smoothed out a lot, based on forum postings. Waiting batelessly for 7.5.40 though!

mmm… make track visibility configurations as you need, but if there is some track playing and u dont see it, just click the numbers showing the hidden and visible tracks and it shows all tracks again ,
or make a logical editor function to invert visibility for all tracks(similar to the ones in the advanced visibility agent presets) and assign a key command to it if u need it so frequently /
i personally do my first visibility configuration as"all tracks visible" to quickly see all tracks with key command

maybe a wussy but by ur avatar i see u got nice dancing moves (and great ti*ts too :laughing: )

Thanks, mozizo, I will look into your suggestions, maybe it will be what finally gets me over the hump on getting started with the logical editor.

After making “all tracks visible” … though I’m not at my DAW now, I don’t remember an option to “reverse” that so the visibility configuration goes back to the previous arrangement, to avoid having to “re-hide” the tracks (and not make an error in choosing which ones) … I’ll look harder next time!

Thanks again!

You did it, thanks mozizo:

  1. I can toggle now between visible and invisible states. No more spontaneous combustion and head explosions.
  2. I know have a Key Command for a Project Logical Editor function. Have never been there before.

Thanks again!

You are welcome)) by the way, there is undo and redo functions for visibility (separate from the global one)

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Nice, thanks (in the key command menu, for anyone else).

I did notice that it isn’t working as I expected … if I make a bunch of tracks invisible, including tracks of each type (Audio, MIDI, groups, inputs, etc.), the “Undo visibility changes” KC often has to be selected multiple times to undo all the changes. I haven’t figured out yet if there’s a pattern as to how it “batches” which KCs it wants to reverse with each pressing of the keys.

I guess it is OK, I can keep pressing the undo KC while watching the inspector, and when things stop changing, I’m done “undoing” … though thinking of it a bit further now, it might go back too far and undo changes I made a long time ago that I don’t want to undo. Hmm, will have to look at that further …

But thanks for pointing out the KCs for Visibility Change Undo/Redo!

They are organized in whatever way the Project View tracks/folders are arranged.