The UAD myth?

Good for you!

Obviously they are the final piece in the jigsaw in achieving that hit record!

Oh yeah! You can’t get the job done without that Fairchild!!!

Hit record? Is that what’s important to you? Is that your measure of success?

In any case, I rarely use a jigsaw in my musical endeavors. And a driftpunch is completely out of the question.

As capacity isn´t rare any more using latest computer hardware, I never expected needing a UAD card ever. Still I never was really content with my mixing results. One day I tried a solo, just using it for eq´ing. And the tracks adjusted with it sound okay in my ears and the others don´t. That´s all I can say. There is something I needed that the other plugs can´t give me, even if they emulate the same hardware. To me, it´s really a myth how this difference at least is achieved, but that´s my experience. I can only hear it and my main task is to listen. And my ears want more UAD. :astonished: greetz

I have 2 Solo cards and like some of the plugs a lot, especially Fairchild II which I often use for M/S (widening) duties.

I also have most of the UAD reverbs but nothing (IMHO) beats Acustica-audio Nebula for reverbs, particularly the AITB EAR libraries, just fantastic. Nebula still has’nt got their sh!t together with compressors but the next generation (v.4) might just do it. Watch out if that happens :wink:!


think about you monitoring options.

if your unable to hear the subtle nuances or improvement in sound…consider that the frequency response or signal path in you studio/home studio may not be 100% complimentary…

never tried UAD, generally use hardware reverbs and a few stock cubase bits.


Hi majic, I think it’s more likely that the effect is far too subtle for me and I can’t really see that the small “improvement” is worth the money… :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

I think it’s more like the Vintage Verb just sounds as hood as any Lex reverb.

Yeah, I hear you, Bro’. Been a UAD user for years, and been satisfied for quite some of those, but it’s definitely had it’s day. I went full native with my newest system and haven’t looked back. So, sorry to say, I won’t be buying your Solo… :slight_smile:

sold it on E bay in one day so no problem mate!! :wink:

All depends on the plugins tbh, I’ve demoed some that are pretty weak and am surprised they still offer them. Some are absolutely great though, you just have to take the time to separate the good from the bad

I have always loved my UAD plugins, just bought the Moog. That is probably one of the best plugins I’ve ever heard.

However, I demoed the Lexicon, demo ran out… I threw on REVelation, and was VERY pleased, moreso pleased with the results from the Cubase Reverb for the source it was on. (HHs and tambs/shakers)

I’ve never used UAD plugins.

I have never seen the need for it when you have native plugins as good as these at a very fair price:

The vintagewarmer, oldtimer and buspressor are absolute beauties both in sound AND design :slight_smile:

All the best, Kim

One reason why I’ll never buy into UAD is for the price, you can use an entire 2nd computer to offload all your plug-ins, VST’s & FX’s. Otherwise a good concept.

I was considering the UAD for a while, mainly because of the FATSO, but after I have read an article about the “Voice of ***”-plugin I changed my mind.

Shadowfox you were opening a can of worms here .
I own a duo card and quite a few plugin’s , ive never bought any of the plugin’s at full price , there are two major sales a year so i wait for them . If i had to buy them at full price then it would be a no go . Some sound good and a lot of them are just ok , the only real advantage you have is that they don’t eat up your cpu .
I’m not buying any more i get fed up with the arguments of software companies blaming each other when something doesn’t work .
You are right thou some of them don’t sound any different to any other native plugin

Open sensible discussion is always a good thing :slight_smile:

UAD signal processing (dynamics) makes for more solid mixes and can help stabilise the DAW in terms of CPU spiking.

This is my experience and frankly I’d not be without it.

I have SonicCore as well but the pain of realtime rendering is not where I wish spend my time so while improvements in dynamic range are afforded against conventional ITB mixing, I also have the added benefit of controlling dynamics within the DAW environment.

Totally with you on this Kevin. I struggle to hear much, if any difference between compressors and EQ’s etc etc… and if I can hear a difference it’s usually right on the edge of perception - and certainly when it’s immersed in a complex mix featuring numerous other plugins it very quickly becomes irrelevant. It may be that some are just blessed with superior hearing but I also think it’s true that many perceive or imagine an improvement that is directly proportional to the amount of cash they just parted with (psychoacoustics). :laughing:

Not directly related Kevin, but you or anyone else may be interested… take a look at this interesting ranty ‘scam bust’ on the UAD “Voice of God” (VOG) plugin:

And yet you’ll find glowing reviews elsewhere.

There’s plenty of marketing hype and ‘Emporer’s New Clothes’ in the audio world - both around hardware and plugins. I for one use the stock Cubase plugins almost exclusively. They’re perfectly fine and do a perfectly adequate job IMO… and you’ve already paid for them! I rather suspect the improved mixes many seek will more likely come as a result of improving skill set rather than throwing money at some piece of hardware or plugin.


And that challenge you proposed to your friend… the blind test. Many years ago I recall reading articles about ‘golden-eared’ audiophiles either refusing to participate in such double-blind tests OR if they did, completely failing to identify the gear in question or observing (hearing) differences between the gear.

What engineers do you know who wear blindfolds while working?