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Hey all -

So, despite my comedic subject line…

My goal for a long time has been to standardize all my work and mixing in particular onto Cubase. And prove to the masses, especially over in the PT and overall world at large that this platform is simply better and not based on the subjective nature of that simply “we like what we like.” But, if I take what works from elsewhere and how many others professionally working 7 days a week and have been working a certain way like that for eons + ingesting the modern mixing and fixing use cases and demands around listening through many busses and multi-bus and split signal multi-bus scenarios, and loudness focus, and end format onto streaming etc.

So, I have built my v1 finally of The Ultimate Mix Setup v1.1 layout configuration.

Some revelations:

  1. Because with the advent of the “CHANNEL” tab ~ my vision was actually even more possible to have so much working for you in a single pane of glass / single screen experience finally…

  2. Even as of yesterday I was commenting somewhere about shoveling more (inserts, fader, meter for compression) into each track in the project window area, thus having them all at a glance up and down your tracks ~ ala like yes another DAW, previously mentioned above…

  3. Finally no toggling really, which toggling is fast, but in large mixes you are trying to be creative (too) and even make creative suggestions beyond mix aspects, and the cognitive load of “flip flopping” your experience (UI) is always jarring no matter the muscle memory or memory “memory”…

  4. You simply cannot do this level of config in any other DAW. Not in PT - no way. But, happy to see from a Studio One or Reaper user if it is!

  5. And so fine - maybe the Cubase engine at 32 samples lol is not crushing it across cores rn ~ but it really isn’t a thing to me ~ there are multiple options to offload for horsepower, but also higher latency during “mostly” mix work w/ occasionally fixing something you might need to shoot down to lower sample rates etc. ~ even still you can crush any performance issues to match the power of the workflow of a Single Screen Experience (SSE) like the following very easily…

  • 5b. VE PRO 7
  • 5c. 3. TRANSFORM.ENGINE by Fourier)

Have a look…

I do see the biggest thing right now out of Cubase 13 is the amount of “white text” that can’t get muted down. But, it is not honestly that bad. But, dark studio, big massive screen, and it could use like 20% muting of the text / or transparency to the text…

But, the beautiful syncing of project and mix into an SSE. And having the “channel” in mental focus front and center, and metering even front and center - keeping a pesky eye on it, is stellar.

Footnote - this is on a massive 40"+ screen too, so the amount of head movement and literally turning my head or upper torso to look in or over to the far right, or far left, without a curved screen is lessened.

What do you all think?

What flavors or versions of this type of thing are you using or conjured up?

What is it missing? or what would you add for quick at a glance access?

Best -


Regarding SSE I have a Workspace with a Mixer console in the half up and the Project window in the lower half (full project view).
Using a 43´´ 4k monitor.
It works great, though the ideal would be to have a full mixer in the lower zone panel.

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