'The Ultimate VST Solution'

Aloha guys,

Got this in a Steinberg news letter.
What’dya think?
Worth the $$?



Oops! I Just realized it looks to be PC only.
If so, what do PC users think of this two week offer. (ends Feb 29 2012)


That open labs OS seems a bit expensive for providing a VST host :confused:
It’s aimed at live use anyway, not really my cuppa.

For the ideal bomb-proof virtual instrument host for live use, I would go for the Muse Receptor. running Linux and their dedicated VISi host it runs pretty much all VSTis has a great track record with a lot of pro users. Very expensive though.

For ease and simplicity it’s hard not to love Mainstage - if you’re prepared to take that beloved MacBook Pro on stage. It seamlessly integrates with hardware synths and is a joy to use.

In PC land there is Brainsapwn Forte. Not bad, nice interface and I have used it live but - face it - It’s on a PC, and I have seen at least one high profile keyboard player stand there and look at the blue screen of death waiting while his keyboard tech works on re-booting his rig, while the lead singer had to do an inpromptu unplugged segment.

I don’t think there is any technology that can make gigging foolproof (i.e. safe from/for fools). :wink:

Based on the frequency of computer glitches I routinely experience in a safe, controlled, low-pressure, calm office environment there’s absolutely no way I’d ever trust the damn things in a live situation! :astonished: It’s uncanny the way Murphy’s Law kicks in when the pressure is on!

Been using Cubase live every Friday and Saturday night
since SX3.

Only two problems in all that time.

Both probs not with Cubase but with
SampleTank (authorization codes).

Both probs fixed on the gig.

Touch Wood!


$139 for the full version. Runs on Windows, and is quite amazing. I used it live.

I also wrote my own software solution prior to discovering this. I used that for the Air Supply gig, and it performed flawlessly in front of 2,200 people. If you don’t mind putting up with the UI quirks this is free. :laughing: But you get no support or upgrades. It, too, runs on Windows.