The Uncommitted Hitman

Cubase 5, Groove Agent 2 for drums.
64 strat direct

great stuff as usual ,just the string squeeks are a bit anoying is that a compressor pulling them up ,maybe a 65 strat would have been quieter, :laughing:

Agree-- great stuff, and the string squeaks are prominent. Could try the de-esser on it.

music that makes you smile…excellent…Kevin

Hey thanks for listening. I never heard all those string squeaks before. They seem to gotten amplified by soundclick.
Must fix.

I can imagine sitting in a fancy :sunglasses: (but not toooo fancy) :wink: restaurant with a lovely bird next to me ( :laughing: ) watching a band jammin this song live. Watta cool vibe man!! Good work!! :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

Like always great writing and playing and let me know when ur in town…please re-post when you fix the scratch and let us know what u do to fix and what caused it. Its a good learning tool for us :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, my studio is down for another month while our home is being worked on, so I can’t revisit this while.

The quality of the Groove Agent drums is excellent, and you have gotten a really nice sound out of the brushes on snare. It sounds like a real live drummer :smiley:

Personally, i don’t think the Quantize Resolution (‘triplets’) quite fits rhythmically with everything else in the song. It needs to move closer to straight-8’s. What i am saying is that there is some conflict in the ‘feel’ between the drums and the rest of the band.

Having said this, quite often (esp. in Country and MOR music) some people do say to a drummer 'Play with a ‘swing’ feel while the rest of us are playing ‘straight’ quavers". If it is this particular effect you are wanting to acheive (are are achieving !!) then fine, ignore what i have said. Otherwise, make sure your that your rhythmic choices are intentional.

Well done mate :wink:

Yes, I thought this was an intentional ploy, one that is frequently used, as you note

I really really like this! But… only 1:47 long? WTF? Come on, give us our money’s worth, damnit! :laughing: Also, I thought the tune could be just a tad faster (like maybe 3 bpm faster, no more).

Nice work :sunglasses: