The unsupported Windows 7 thread

I figured that it might be useful to have a thread to share issues on Windows 7.
We are all aware that Steinberg is not committed to fixing them because this OS is not supported anymore but I may not be the only one sticking to Windows 7 just because it works and doesn’t update anymore (yes that’s actually a blessing if you are not using it to browse the internet!).

So first info here:
The last update 10.5.10 had an impact on the CPU. An old project that used to play normally started crackling continuously with exactly the same Device, buffer settings. I rolled back to 10.5.0, and I’m back to work. 10.5.0 is very stable for production in Windows 7.


File > Export > Video menu entry doesn’t show up on some Windows 7 system, as far as I know.

lmao thanks for this I was going to upgrade for video render


Download Cubase 10.5 Trial first to check it out.

How is 10.5.12 working? Anyone has tried it?