The Upright by Bluenoise Plugins released!

Hello people

I am proud to say that Bluenoise Plugins has released a stunning upright piano for a price of only 30 dollars! The name is as selfexplaining as could be: THE UPRIGHT
We continue to bring stunning quality to a very low price:-)

This piano will hopefully compare to the very best out there and holds 1 GB of pure 24 bit samples. It has a cutoff, leslie, chorus, reverb and a delay included so it can sound from classic upright to very old and swirly piano like Imagine with John Lennon.

Grab it now or try the fully working demo that has 2 octaves of the sound included.

The plugin works with most Windows sloution and is released as a 32 bit VST.

Direct link to the plugin:

Hope you like it:-)

Best regards

Bluenoise Plugins
“With great plugins come great responsibility”

Here are some user reviews so far:

“I A/B’d this to the 4 other piano plugins I already had and it was the winner”

“This is the best piano sound I have without actually micing up the Steinway we have in our Studio B”

“Excellent quality at a great price”

"I absolutely love the sound of “The Upright!”

“Tried the demo, dang! This is my next purchase for sure”

“You can “hear the wood” in the low end keys”

“The Upright piano sounds beautiful and the Gui is very well done and Simple. For the price that you are asking, it is for me a no-brainer”

“The sound is AWESOME!”

“Seriously - the piano just has a great vibe”

“This is a very beautiful sounding upright vsti. And the price is a no brainer”

“I love the sound of it. Strongly recommended”

“This piano has character and I like it”

“It sounds full, has a relatively small footprint, and sounds great with a little compression”