The use of resampling algorithm error, sound distortion

Has anyone ever seen electronic distortion of sound after using “resampling”

Hard to tell what is the intended sound in that sample and what is distortion.

Anyway, have you tried to do the same conversion (resampling) with the audio at a lower level? So say your current audio has a peak very close to or at 0dBFS, what happens if you lower it o -4dBFS?

As far as I recall due to the way digital audio works you can get True Peak clipping when resampling if you’re unlucky and close to zero.

yes definitely, this happens after processing a resampling a second or more times. Not sure I noticed in the latest version of Nuendo, but I got into the habit of reset to the original sample before resampling again because of it.

I noticed that returning the sample rate to the default turned out to be an incorrect value, which is probably why my voice sounded strange.