The use of text frame in Dorico

It would be helpful if in the next upgrade were also included improvements in the use of the text frame. Such as the ability to connect multiple text frame by sliding the text from one to another; or even the possibility to fix the precise text frame (height, width), as well as being able to use multiple text styles. Even the section master page can be improved: for example you could add the function of imposing different master pages to different pages simply through drag and drop …
I hope that this section is improved.

You can use multiple text styles in a single text box (shift-X); bold, italic, colors, subscript etc. Is that what you mean?

Thanks for your requests, Colandrea. We agree that the text-handling side of the program can benefit from improvements along the lines of those you have proposed, and we do plan these kinds of improvements for the future, though I’m afraid they will not be included in the next update.

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How do I create 3 Text Frames in horizontal order which all have the same width and the same spacing between each other without taking a calculator?

There’s no automated way to do this, so you will indeed need a calculator, at least for now.

You could create one and copy it twice to the same page, then move the duplicated frames along to the right?

ok thanx…I found a kind of workaround

first you put all 3 frames to the very right or very left border of the page in VERTICAL order and like this you can adjust the width - you just enter the same left (if you put them at the right border of the page) or right (if you put them at the left border of the page) distance for all 3 frames…then you can move them back into vertical order.
That doesn’t solve the spacing between the frames but at least they all will have the same size :slight_smile:

A yes, that also works :slight_smile: Thanx Lillie

It would be very nice to have text frames that we could manage a bit like in InDesign or Affinity Publisher … With columns, easier management of the text without the vertical elevator jostling the text, frames which are linked together both text and music frames, a possible dressing, etc.
Is the team thinking about it for one next version? Version 4?

Hi @Sinfonie, you’ve commented this or something similar on three threads in quick succession - don’t worry, the dev team reads every thread, they will catch your comments and reply if/when they can.

Try not to reply to lots of threads with the same comment - if for no other reason than it then becomes tricky to know where to engage with you about it!

Yes. Sorry, sorry …
All my excuses. I didn’t know where it was the most relevant …
But I see that I am not the only one with waiting a little more for text frames :wink:

I’d like to add my request here, I do not recall if I may have done so before in the very early times after Dorico was released:

For Worksheets it would be a GAMECHANGER if we had frames, both music and text, that would dynamically change their height when content is added.

Picture a text frame with some explanatory paragraphs about the music to follow. Later on you decide, that the text needs some further additions so that the frame must get bigger.

Useless are all your tedious adjustments to the master page, you have to adjust all the subsequent frames and might even have to create a set of total new masterpages when it happens so that content from the bottom of the page must flow into the next page.

Of course this does not fit into the current concept of frames tied to masterpages, which surely has its own benefits, but lacks some flexibility in certain situations.