The vertical position of ornaments changes strangely

baroque ornaments bug?

When I move the rhythmic position of a Baroque and Classical Ornament in this situation, its vertical position also changes. Isn’t this a bug?

baroque ornaments bug?.dorico (369.1 KB)

Yes, it does happen - in the situation you have illustrated. It does not happen in most other notational contexts, especially if there is a time signature and if the music is more representative of what one would typically enter, ie longer, more varied, etc. In fact, I had trouble replicating your results in just about anything except the example you gave. I tried it with existing projects and new ones as well.
Frankly, I can’t see the point of moving an ornament that way. If and when the ornament moves into a “wrong” vertical position, the behaviour exhibits itself only when you move it from one note to another as you did. If I was inaccurate enough (by virtue of being in too much of a hurry, or simply by not paying close enough attention to what I was doing) I would either delete it from the note and re-enter it on the correct note or simply cut and paste it to where I should have entered it in the first place. Or, if I had utilised your method, I would just move it to where it looks right, and then use my time more productively by continuing to write music rather than writing a book about the experience.
“Fix” rating: Effective
Time lost: Minimal

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This seems like the same sort of bug that cropped up sometimes in regards to Rehearsal Marks or dynamics, by which the space increased more and more, and Undo was not possible.

Sure it’s easy to work around, but yeah, it’s surely a bug.


Yes, this is indeed a bug, and we’ll make sure this gets fixed in a future version of the software. Thanks for reporting it.


You do see the irony of your post, ranting about the OP who is bringing up a valid bug report, being even longer than the OP’s post that you call “writing a book”, right? Right?

A big thank you to @tomotomo2 for bringing it up, thus helping to make Dorico even better than it currently is.

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