The Very Sad Summer Of 1996

Hi folks!

A jazzy blues with slide guitar and harp realized in Cubase 6 you’ll find here:

The guitars and harps are recorded while the rest are virtual, programmed instruments: NI B4, NI Scarbee Mark I, FXpansion BFD II, Triology and NI Steinway.

For the first time I checked this mix with the TT DR Meter to secure a reasonable dynamic range of the song - see screenshot. I can only recommend to that. Further information:


Seems mostly well recorded (I’m under cans, late at night).

The first section of harp sounds heavily edited :confused: Something not fluid happening.

Some nice slide, and so now you are duty bound to review my own stuff. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Adios amigo!


I listened to this twice. It sounded ok. Samples are working well. Just didn’t distinguish itself for me, but maybe you were just trying to represent the genre. Thanks for letting us listen!

Strange – about a minute into it the level dropped noticeably. This would make good soundtrack music to some sort of “scuz” movie like “One False Move” etc. Hey – that guitar later on in the piece sounds great – I wanted to hear some more of it. Harp sounds good, too.

Thanks, Pearly, Early and TwS, for your feedback and interest!

The dropping level is by purpose and supposed to be a dynamic change of the band. Well, obviously it doesn’t alsways work …


It sounded more like a sudden drop in the file’s level, than in the band backing off a bit

Yes, it irritates me too. I’ll have to remix that part - don’t really know how yet…

Thanks, TwS!