The Viola

Had to pass this along, its on my wishlist now… I am a fan of physical modelling, this is pretty cool. No offense to the players of the real item…

Way cool. :sunglasses:

And note the DAW in the video demo! :smiley:

Very Impressive.


I don’t have much experience with real violas but that sounds very nice :slight_smile:

When I was in grade 6-8 (Age 11-13) our school had an instrumental music course, the kids that showed some aptitude were channeled into it, and those who did not were channeled over to the wood shop/home economics thing… They measured me up for a violin, but quickly decided my hands were too large, even at age 11… (and you know what they say about large hands and feet! :laughing: ) and subsequently handed me a viola, which was a better fit. Was a pain learning the alto tuning/notation, but I enjoyed totruing my family with that thing! Actually got fairly good by 13, but then I got distracted… IYKWIM (refer to hands and feet comment above) :laughing: In hindsight I think I would have preferred the cello, such an amazing sound.

I keep thinking I will buy a used viola and get back into it, but then I buy another plugin instead! Perhaps in 2016 :sunglasses: