The VST Bridge is a nice surprise!

Some yeas ago I had to give op many of my plugins because of a system upgrade - I think it was. Some days ago I loaded up a song from far far away in the past, the days of Cubase VST. Yes, thats long time ago. :slight_smile: I used the Cubase SX3 to import it and then opened it in Cubase 6. The SX3 stated there was a Model-E plugin missing. So I thought, yes, I have that CD somewhere. And I downloaded a new installer from Steinberg (Support > Download Archive (FTP Server)), putted in the CD and started the installer. All went fine and then I started Cubase 6 - and there it was! After all these years I was looking at the Model-E plugin. Great. Well, then I started installing all my good old stuff. What a great feeling.

Groove Agent
Virtual Electric Guitar
Virtual Acoustic Guitar
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition

There was some pops and cracks in the VoiceMachine, But I could replace it with the Antares Harmony Engine, and with smaller modifications I was up and running.

I am having problems with the Dcota interface - the knobs are not moving but the mouse movements make changes.

The only plugin that did not show up in Cubase 6 was the JX16, but it works in Cubase SX3.

This was a great surprise for me.