the w7 Aero hacks thread

aero for obvious reasons is a pita for serious work.

i am still hoping there are ways to customize it to make it look a bit more acceptable for pro work (from simple setup tweaks to more low-level registry-editing type of tweaks).

please post your tips here…

Great thread! Hopefully we’ll get some nice tips for aero, because aero sucks big time. I turned off transparency for aero which improved the ability to view cubase menus. But still the border of the plugin windows are unecessary thick, it’s really ugly.

Yes.Any input on this is welcome. I would prefer the option to be liberated from Aero,

you can adjust the border thickness in the window colour & appearance settings:

it still won’t get rid of the awful glowing fonts on the top of the windows.

Sadly, I feel the aero glowing fonts make Cubase Pro 8 look cheap. Shot in foot moment there! Seriously, a friend came over to look at it in use and literally spluttered ‘Toy Town’ at me when he saw the ridiculous glowing fonts! :blush:

Look here:

i did. it says it is for windows 8?

You’re right. The registry key
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM\TextGlowMode would help you, but it’s not available in Windows < 8. Those with Win >=8 can try it (Reg_DWord with value 0 and a restart of the DWM should turn text glow off).

Thanks, very helpful.

i think cubase makes itself look cheap but this definitely isn’t helping. in a nuendo 4 studio at the moment and feeling like in a spaceship gui-wise in comparison.

Glad to find this thread! I am very happy with the overall improvement in performance (surprisingly noticeable on my system!) and I LOVE the plug-in manager, but I HATE HATE HATE the aero implementation. It is completely counter to the way I work and I wrestle with it terribly. Did I mention I hate the aero? :open_mouth:

You can also do the following :

In Win 7 > Control Panel / Appearance Personalization / Change window glass colors / ( Windows Color and Appearance )

Play around with Color intensity slider or disable Transparency in conjunction with “desktop background color” > “dark blue” so far looks the best for me at least :ugeek:

But still I really hate this new feature with a passion !!! :smiling_imp: