the wigly line called finger vibrato

I’m trying to add the wiggly line used in electric guitar notation & tab.
this type of playing technique is usually called finger vibrato
in sib it was found in the lines/guitar

I can’t see a native way of doing this. The easiest workaround is probably a trill line with its trill mark hidden. Note that you’ll need to switch to Engrave mode to apply the same properties (manually) to the Tab staff.

Thanks a lot Leo
as a work-around this will do for the time being. :sunglasses:
but it isnt the right wiggly line.
should be the same as baroque short trill, tremblement but a line


found a better way
use a wide wiggly line of a PT with an empty glyph (no glyph)
then give it a lenght shift+Alt+R Arrow

only glitch it has no icon in the PT side bar (no glyph)



I didn’t give you that option as, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to get Playing Techniques to show on Tab staves. Have I missed something?

You are right
It doesn’t transfer to TAB but I don’t care. Tab (for me) is not notation it is just a practical way to describe where you are with your hand.

You can choose in the Playing Techniques dialog whether the playing technique should appear in tablature.

We plan to add a more suitable wiggly line for this in due course, by the way.

Ah! Sorry I missed that.